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What are an employer's responsibilities under Nebraskan law?

Under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Law, your employer is required to carry workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation insurance helps provide you with benefits in the event that you're hurt on the job. Your employer should have information on workers' compensation posted in your place of employment where it is easy to access.

What could workers' comp cover for you?

Accidents that take place at work can frighten many individuals. Unfortunately, such incidents often result in workers suffering injuries, and injured workers may not have the ability to immediately return to work. As a result, they could face financial hardships. If a serious injury affected you after involvement in a work-related accident, you may qualify for workers' compensation.

Hurt working at a slaughterhouse? You have options

The meat industry is a dangerous one in which to work. Slaughterhouses use sharp objects, conveyor belts and large machinery that can easily cause amputations, lacerations and deaths. Many employees have been affected by the dangers of meat slaughterhouses; many suffer injuries or are killed in preventable circumstances. A list of accident reports from 2001 released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) includes incidents involving hospitalizations for lacerations from flying blades, eye injuries from hanging hooks, burning incidents, deaths from chemical spills and other serious accidents.

Back injuries are the result of overworking or impacting the back

Back injuries account for one out of five workplace injuries and illnesses. In most cases, these injuries can be avoided with the right safety precautions and arrangements. For example, wearing a lower back brace to help prevent strain from lifting.

What are my rights as an injured truck driver?

Although they spend most of their time at work behind the wheel of a truck, Nebraska truck drivers face exposure to the risk of injuries, whether it is through repetitive stress or an accident. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, truckers are prone to injuries that include anything from strains to broken bones.

What rights do workers have under Nebraska workers' compensation?

Workers are covered by workers' compensation in Nebraska as long as they are employees of a business in most cases. There are some exceptions, like those who are railroad employees, volunteers, independent contractors or federal employees. Household domestic servants and some employees who work in agricultural operations are also covered as long as their employers opted into workers' compensation policies.

Who qualifies for workers' compensation in Nebraska?

Workers' compensation provides benefits to those who have been hurt or suffer an illness due to their jobs. There is only one catch in Nebraska; if the employee was being willfully negligent, then workers' compensation may not be awarded. That means that you can't have intended to get hurt; if you tried to get hurt or were doing something against your company policy knowing that it could cause you harm, then you're less likely to get your claim approved.