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Working safely with scaffolding

Scaffolding injuries can be severe; workers who fall from scaffolding can fall several stories, and those struck by objects that fall off scaffolding could suffer traumatic brain injuries or other related injuries. Some of the most common construction accidents involve scaffolding, ladders, hoists and lifts.

Farming remains one of the most dangerous jobs

Each year, Nebraska sees too many workplace deaths, ranging from just over 30 in a year all the way to 70. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has yet to release 2015 figures, but there were 54 such deaths in the state in 2014. The agricultural industry is among the annual leaders, and transportation is the most common cause across all industries - something directly related to this time of year as slow moving combines, tractors and ploughs plod along our highways, sharing the road with vehicles moving 50 mph and beyond.

Collapsing grain could result in disability, death for workers

As the fall harvest arrives, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is urging anyone working with grain to be vigilant to prevent accidents from taking place on the job. Grain, when flowing, can engulf a worker in as few as five seconds. By the time a minute has passed, the worker could be completely submerged, which can lead to suffocation.

What can a worker do if the employer does not pay benefits?

Nebraska workers can sometimes run into difficulties when they attempt to file a workers' compensations claim after getting hurt while on the job. Their employers may contest the workers' rights to pursue compensation because they doubt the veracity of the claims or may think that the injuries were not work-related or that the employee is malingering.