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Ladder safety is vital to safe work sites

Falling from a ladder can cause a very serious accident depending on how far the person is from the ground and the way they hit when they land. While some people get up and walk away without serious injuries, landing wrong can lead to broken bones, severe bruising, head injuries or even death in some cases.

Reducing safety risks is key to preventing nursing injuries

As a nurse, you may already know that one of the highest risks to your safety is from lifting patients. Lifting patients who are under sedation can mean that the patient provides you with no help; that could be hundreds of pounds of weight that you have to support with little assistance. Your neck, shoulders, back and other areas of the body could be strained from working with heavier patients or from repetitive motion injuries over the course of the day.

Worker dies, but employer never reports it

There is never a reason why an employer should fail to report a death on the job. The loss of an employee is a serious blow to the business, and it's also a terrible loss for that person's family. Leaving a family in the dark about what happened is unfair and unnecessary. When a death isn't reported, it might be harder for a family to seek workers' compensation benefits or to file a lawsuit against the company if it's necessary to do so.