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You should never ignore these ladder safety tips

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Construction Accidents |

It doesn’t matter if you use a ladder every so often or every day of your life, you need to understand the many steps you can take to prevent an accident.

Unfortunately, many workers become so comfortable using a ladder that they begin to ignore the most important safety tips. As a result, they increase the likelihood of being part of an accident.

Here are several ladder safety tips you should never ignore:

  • Never set a ladder in close proximity to vehicle traffic or exit doors
  • Maintain three points of contact at all times
  • Inspect the ladder for defects and damage before setting it up for use
  • Use the right type of ladder for the job you’re working on
  • Never attempt to carry a heavy load up or down a ladder
  • Never use a ladder at the same time as someone else
  • Make sure you set the ladder on stable and level ground
  • Only use a ladder if it is equipped with slip resistant pads
  • Let others know you are using a ladder so that they don’t get too close (and knock into it accidentally)

There is no guarantee that these ladder safety tips will help you avoid trouble, but they can definitely help.

If you are ever part of a ladder accident, you should report the incident to your employer, receive immediate medical attention and learn more about your long-term prognosis. If your doctor tells you to take time away from work, you should then think about filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This will help you financially as you recover.

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