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Microbubbles might be the solution to supporting lung recovery

There is an interesting piece of research about microbubbles that could have the potential to save patients' lives when they're struggling with lung injuries. According to a June 26 report, a team of researchers from Colorado and Nebraska have created a sort of liquid lung, which would be placed in the abdomen. This would allow oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, even if a person's lungs were shutting down.

Stress and shift work might be the biggest hazards faced by cops

If you have a career in law enforcement in Nebraska, you are a perfect candidate for one or more job-related health complications. Many researchers and safety authorities say police officers are at a higher risk of suffering occupational illnesses than employees in other fields. While incidents, situations and external stimuli with which you deal every day can cause excessive stress, irregular work hours and working shifts can adversely affect your health.