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2 taken to the hospital after exposure to fumes

One thing that all workers have to keep in mind is the kinds of chemicals they're around. On warm days, when chemicals are mixed or in other situations, there could be a risk of dangerous or deadly fumes surrounding workers and causing hazardous conditions. Sometimes, fumes can be dangerous or deadly to those exposed.

Are natural-gas lines a threat to people in Nebraska?

Natural gas line explosions are extremely dangerous to people working on site and to others who may have those gas lines entering their homes or businesses. Natural gas lines have the potential to explode, which could kill. However, Nebraska has taken some steps to reduce the risk of the lines becoming overpressurized, so there is less chance of an explosion.

Beware -- an electrical hazard can produce shocking results

If you are a construction worker in Omaha, you face an endless list of safety hazards, one of which is electricity. Electricians are not the only ones at risk because electricity will be all around you regardless of the project on which you work. Multiple electrical hazards are present where you renovate, tear down or build a new structure.

Occupational health clinics can prevent injuries on the job

It is always important for those working industrial jobs to have access to the right safety equipment and support to do their jobs right. One thing that can help reduce workplace injuries is having an occupational health provider partnership.

More businesses turning to in-house clinics for employee care

As health care costs rise, employers in Omaha and other locations are starting to consider having their own in-house doctors. For example, one company in Indiana decided to offer free health care for the majority of its employees and their families through its own clinic. The clinic operates near the company's five factories and provides basic care, dietitian care, physiologist appointments and more. Best of all, this is free for employees.