November 2018 Archives

Prevent electrocution injuries with these safety tips

Anyone who spends a lot of time working in a construction site runs the risk of getting electrocuted. Because an electrocution could be deadly or result in catastrophic injuries, it's vital that construction workers are alert, cautious and careful to prevent such accidents from happening. Here are a few tips from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for staying safe around electricity at work:

Be prepared to protect yourself from cold stress this winter

The warm and wet Nebraska summer has gone, and as Omaha workers head toward the windy and freezing cold of the winter, it might be wise to learn about the hazards you will face. At risk are not only those with outdoor occupations like emergency responders, firefighters, utility and construction workers but also workers in cold storage facilities, meatpacking plants and others who work in refrigerated facilities. No specific safety regulations exist to protect you from cold exposure, so staying safe might mostly be on you.

Get to know the most dangerous job in America

There are a number of jobs in America that are not safe, no matter how much care you take to avoid injury. After reviewing the data on workplace injuries, these jobs have been identified. Knowing the risks you face could help you avoid working in these industries or know what kinds of risks you could face in yours.