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3 ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Developing carpal tunnel syndrome can render you unable to do your job; therefore, if you have this problem you want to visit a doctor and get the relief you need as soon as possible. You may also want to take several actions that can help you prevent your injuries from worsening. Some tactics can also prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in those who have yet to develop it.

Fall harness -- a life-saving device that can cause your death

If you are a construction worker in Nebraska, you might find comfort in knowing that your employer provides you with a fall-arrest harness that will keep you safe from suffering an impact injury in the event of a fall from an elevated work area. What you might not know is that, once the harness stops your fall, it turns into a device that could kill you. It is crucial that your safety training in the proper use of a fall-arrest system includes post-fall protection procedures.

Some ladder safety tips to prevent injuries at work

Are you an experienced construction worker? Do you use a ladder as a regular part of your workday? Have you become complacent or overconfident about using a ladder? If you're not taking great care to prevent a ladder-related fall, you could be risking your life every time you climb the ladder.