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Workers' compensation: Off-hours accidents in company vehicles

There are many employees in the United States who drive a company car as a part of their daily job responsibilities. This company car could feel like it belongs to you -- especially if you spend a lot of time in it. You might even use the car when you're not technically working. Additionally, you might use the vehicle for personal reasons, even when you're on the company clock.

What are the most common risks associated with scaffolding?

Scaffolding was not made to be risk-free. It was made to be useful. In fact, scaffolds are an integral part of most construction jobs because of the ease with which workers can erect them and disassemble them. They allow construction workers to get to places and set up a working platform where most people would never dream of being able to get the job done.

Hauling hazardous chemicals can be life-threatening

Logistics companies in Nebraska that manage the transportation of hazardous chemicals have a significant responsibility to protect the environment, the general public and the drivers who have to move the dangerous cargo to destinations across the country. You and other big rig operators who haul such dangerous cargo might not realize that you put your lives on the line every time.

What are workers' compensation death benefits?

When someone dies in an on-the-job accident, their financial dependents -- like their children, their spouse and other dependent family members -- might be surprised to discover that they may be able to receive workers' compensation death benefits. These benefits could compensate family members and dependents for the income they have lost as a result of their deceased mother, father, husband or wife.