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Tips for preventing scaffolding accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Construction Accidents |

When you work on a construction site, you put yourself in danger of suffering an injury every minute you are on the job. There’s plenty of things you can do to ensure your safety, including wearing protective apparel and gear the entire time you are working. But what about working on scaffolding? Here are some tips to prevent a scaffolding accident at your construction site.

The scaffolding should be inspected every day prior to use. If the construction site is left unattended at night, you never know when someone trespasses and messes with the scaffolding. That’s why it must be inspected. Make sure it is still properly assembled, and no important parts are missing. This includes ensuring that the scaffolding is still secured to the ground and the building.

When you board the scaffolding, you need to be wearing nonslip shoes, a hard hat, have a harness with you and make sure your tools are in a safe spot. Make sure all materials are put somewhere that they cannot cause you to trip and fall off the scaffolding.

When building scaffolding, make sure you do not mix and match equipment. All of the equipment should be of the same material so that they fit into each other properly. If you don’t use the same equipment, it can lead to the scaffolding collapsing.

Preventing scaffolding accidents can be done by following the tips outlined in today’s post. Make sure the scaffolding is inspected prior to boarding it each day. Do not work on the scaffolding without your protective gear and always check to see if it is secured properly.