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Know the electrical hazards at your worksite to improve safety

Of all the construction accidents that Omaha workers experience, those involving electricity are often the most surprising. This is because construction workers remain on the lookout for more typical hazards such as falling or being struck by an object. As such, electrical accident risks go overlooked in many cases.

Fires and explosions in industrial settings

Our law firm has helped many workers in the Omaha meatpacking industry pursue and acquire compensation for their suffering. However, employment in any kind of plant or factory can lead to industrial workers' accidents. Explosions and fires are two types of accidents that could result in death or devastating injuries for employees.

Workers' compensation and vocational rehabilitation benefits

Workplace accidents and injuries can take you away from your job for days, weeks, months or even years, depending upon their severity. In many cases, an injured worker may qualify for workers' compensation disability benefits. However, the most common goal shared by injured workers involves returning to the workforce in some capacity.

Are you one of the superheroes who save lives in Nebraska?

If you are a paramedic in Nebraska, many people might see you as a superhero who save lives every day. However, few know what it requires to be a real-life superhero who goes to work each day and faces a variety of safety hazards. Along with the satisfaction of saving lives, you deal with the stress of having to make critical life-or-death decisions in split seconds with only limited information.

Multitasking is a bad idea if you drive for a living

Those who believe they are good at multitasking may be taking risks if driving is a part of the work they do. Delivery drivers, semi drivers, construction equipment drivers are just three examples of jobs that require workers to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. According to the National Safety Council, these workers may be at a greater risk of experiencing a vehicle-involved workplace accident if they attempt to multitask while driving.