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Life-saving first aid after a work-related amuptation

Industrial work settings pose many accident risks to Omaha employees. One of the worst examples of industrial workers' accidents involves losing an arm, leg or another body part to dismemberment or amputation. These extreme injuries typically impact victims for months, years or even lifetimes. Such injuries can also result in death without the proper first aid in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Workplace accidents: Beware of grain handling hazards

The grain handling industry provides a necessary source of income to many residents in Omaha and other areas in Nebraska. These workers are grateful to have a job that is secure and pays fairly well, but it is critical to understand the hazards associated with this wide-spread industry.

Besides wage replacement, what does workers' compensation cover?

Workers' compensation is one of the greatest programs mandated by the U.S. government. Without such a program, it is safe to say that injured employees in Omaha and elsewhere would be lost and their families would likely suffer great hardships. Most workers know that the program replaces a portion of the injured worker's wages while he or she recovers, but additional types of compensation are also readily available.

Biological hazards associated with the meatpacking industry

The meatpacking industry in Omaha provides residents with gainful employment, enabling them to take care of their families. Without this industry, the entire state of Nebraska would likely suffer from higher rates of unemployment. Unfortunately, the industry is rife with hazards that could result in significant workplace injuries.

Unloading trailers at construction sites pose many safety risks

Among the many hazards that construction workers in Nebraska face are those associated with the unloading of trailers. There are endless numbers of deliveries to construction sites throughout every shift, each posing unique hazards. No load comes without risks, and employers owe it to their workers to plan appropriately for every shipment that arrives.

Electricity can be an invisible killer of first responders

There is an endless list of life-threatening occupational risks with which public safety workers like firefighters and police officers must deal every day. If you are a first responder, you will need a comprehensive knowledge of potential dangers because the split-second decisions you have to make might put you in harm's way. While protecting the safety of the general public in Nebraska, you might risk your own life if you take no precautions.

Reported facts in recent Omaha crash that injured road worker

Road workers put their lives and physical well-being at risk every time they report for duty. Fortunately, the majority of these workers go home every evening with only fatigue to complain about. However, there are occasions when the worst happens, and road workers suffer severe injuries or even death.