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McDonald's workers nationwide at risk of violence and injuries

No American city seems complete without at least one McDonald's restaurant. McDonald's is popular for its food as well as its late hours. The restaurants are convenient for those who wish to grab a snack or a meal at almost any time of the day or the night.

Workers' compensation may cover necessary physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is a common form of treatment doctors prescribe after injuries occur. It offers patients many healing benefits and may help injured workers heal faster. You can count on workers' compensation to pay for the medical treatment you need following a work injury. In many cases, this treatment also includes PT.

Your occupation may place your spine at risk of injury

As a support system for the human body, the spine works very hard to help other anatomical systems function properly. As you might imagine, a serious spinal injury could take you away from your job temporarily or permanently. In turn, this may result in a significant loss of income and financial security, which could carry on for the rest of your life.

Some construction accidents can result in eye injuries

The people who choose to work in the Omaha construction industry know about many of its hazards. They also know how to protect themselves from construction accidents in most cases. This usually involves compliance with the industry's safety standards such as wearing personal protective equipment. Despite this attention to safety, many workers fail to protect their eyes properly, often leading to serious consequences such as vision loss.