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Nebraska grain elevator accident leaves 1 worker dead

Employment in the grain industry comes with its share of unique risks. As you may imagine, handling and storing grain to help feed an entire nation is typically a very large operation requiring many workers and precise attention to safety. When a workplace accident in this industry occurs, the outcome rarely favors the victim.

The many hazards associated with Nebraska's agriculture industry

The state of Nebraska is famous for its contributions to the American meat production industry. However, the state also contributes significantly to the national agriculture industry as well. Farming on a very large scale is not exactly a popular occupation, but it still attracts many workers looking for steady income. Unfortunately, the large-scale farming industry has many health hazards.

Nebraska meatpackers may have to face even more accident risks

Industrial workers' accidents plague many Nebraska employees, but the meat-packing industry is particularly dangerous. Some of the injuries that affect the industry include serious cuts, amputations, back strain, repetitive movement injury and many others. The current government now wants to approve speedier production lines while reducing the industry's oversight.

Years of experience will not keep you safe in a factory

Regardless of whether you work in a facility that manufactures farm equipment, ammunition, sports equipment, or food and beverages, you will face hazards that could cause life-changing injuries. Although each plant poses unique risks, the manufacturing, fabrication and assembly industries have inherent dangers with which you will have to deal. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes specific regulations for some of the hazards, the agency's general standards govern the others.