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Omaha construction workers may suffer vibration injuries

Using power tools at work can be a fun experience or so say some workers in the Omaha construction industry. For many, using these tools offers a break from the more mundane or routine tasks associated with building and repairing structures. However, the use of tools that vibrate can and does lead to significant injuries.

Workplace injuries: Good lifting techniques protect your back

Most people in the Omaha workforce must lift and move heavy objects either frequently or occasionally. Even office workers must lift heavy items from time to time. Workers in other industries like construction and warehousing must lift large and heavy items frequently. Many workplace injuries in Nebraska occur because employees do not know how to lift these objects properly.

Are you exposed to amputation injury risks?

If you work in a garage workshop, welding shop, metal fabrication plant, or any other industrial workplace in Nebraska, your on-the-job safety will largely depend on your employer's compliance with regulated safety standards. Dangers include a variety of moving machine parts, all of which require adequate safeguarding to prevent accidental contact. Violations of safety regulations can cause catastrophic injuries from amputations to death.

Minor work injury? You should still file an injury report

We will begin this blog post with a hypothetical scenario. You are working hard at your job when you trip over a piece of debris or equipment. You fall and hit your head on the hard floor. Other than feeling a little lightheaded for a moment, you appear to be just fine. Should you go on about your work or stop for a moment to file an injury report?