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Truckers are prone to suffer debilitating occupational injuries

If operating a heavy-duty commercial truck is your way of earning an income, you are a member of one of the most hazardous professions in Nebraska. Spending long hours behind the wheel with hardly any exercise and a poor diet will make you more vulnerable to illness and injuries. You could even suffer a work-related injury that is serious enough to prevent you from returning to work for a long time.

Why are meat-processing plants such hazardous workplaces?

Nebraska employees in the meat processing industry work in extremely hazardous conditions for many hours every day. If you are one of them, you might also endure chronic pain from the repetitive nature of your job in an attempt to provide your family with an acceptable quality of life. Sadly, you and many of your co-workers might fear dismissal if you should report your injuries.

Do you work in a high-risk category in Nebraska?

No matter how you earn a living, staying safe during the normal course of duties in your workplace is no doubt one of your highest priorities. In fact, people in Nebraska and throughout the United States worry about many hazards in the workplace that didn't exist a few decades ago. Mass shootings and other national disasters have prompted high levels of concern for employers, employees, teaching faculty, students and average citizens across the nation.

Workers' compensation after chemical exposure at work

Depending on the nature of your job, it is possible that you could face exposure to certain dangerous chemicals in the workplace. Chemical exposure could lead to significant physical harm, causing health complications that could impact your health for years to come. If you become ill because of the occupational requirements of your job, you have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Some workplace hazards are less obvious but significant

No job comes without safety hazards. Regardless of whether you work on a construction site, in an office or a science lab, your health and safety will be on the line. Nebraska company owners must take the necessary precautions to protect employees from harm in the workplace, and knowing the potential threats to your safety may provide further protection.

The many dangers of forklifts in the workplace

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations for forklifts, these powered industrial trucks can pose a myriad of on-the-job safety hazards if operated improperly. Forklifts are not personal vehicles, and employees should not use them for any purposes beyond those that are work related. It is the responsibility of Nebraska employers to protect the health and safety of employees, and enforcement of compliance with safety regulations is part of that responsibility.

You shouldn't have to risk your finances when you risk your life

Like others who work in public safety fields, as a fire fighter, you put your life at risk every time you go out on a call. You have no idea what you may encounter. Nevertheless, you venture into situations from which others would run. In doing so, you save lives and prevent a dangerous situation from getting even more out of control.

Basic safety precautions can prevent scaffold collapses

The construction industry is known for a significant percentage of fatalities resulting from falls every year. Many of these deaths result from falls off unsafe scaffolding structures. As a construction worker in Nebraska, you might even have had to cope with the trauma of seeing a co-worker fall to his or her death during a scaffold collapse.

Beware, your job may leave you breathless

If you are one of the many young people who recently joined the work force of Nebraska, you may still be in the process of discovering the hazards inherent to the industry you chose. Regardless of whether you took on a summer job or aim to make this your career, without proper safety training, your life may be on the line. Remember, even if you are a rookie, you have a right to be safe.

4 issues that could increase your risk of work injuries

Many individuals feel lucky when they finish up their work day and can go home to their families. For those parties like you who may work in particularly risky professions, such as construction or truck driving, that feeling of relief may sometimes prove overwhelming. The idea of suffering serious injuries on the job due to an accident could cause anyone to feel additional stress when it comes to performing work duties.