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If you work on a construction site, what are your rights?

Construction sites are dangerous places to work, but that does not mean that you do not have a right to a reasonably safe workplace. No matter what your job requirements are, you would be wise to know your rights to safety and your employer's obligation to protect your safety as much as possible.

What are the most common foot injuries on the job?

Depending on your profession, you may have concerns about the safety of your feet. This doesn't come into play with every career, but it's something to think about if you work in construction, a warehouse or any other industry in which you're always on the go.

Common construction hazards may be the reason for your injury

Due to the nature of construction, job sites can be particularly dangerous places for Nebraska workers. Despite the fact that construction is a hazardous occupation, it is possible to eliminate certain risks and make it safer for every employee.

Falls: A serious risk to those in the workplace

Fall injuries are still the leading cause of unintentional injuries and deaths in the workplace, and around 43 percent of all falls between 2001 and 2011 involved the use of a ladder. Falling from a ladder can contribute to a serious number of injuries and result in any thing from minor scrapes to broken bones to head trauma.

A dropped tool on a construction site can be deadly

Struck-by hazards are high on the list of causes of death in the workplace in Nebraska and elsewhere. Reportedly, transportation accidents top the list of fatal workplace accidents, followed by violence in the workplace. Number three is contact made with equipment and objects -- most frequently involving individuals struck by falling objects. Falls were third on the list before emphasis programs led to more compliance with safety regulations, hence fewer fatalities.