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Know the electrical hazards at your worksite to improve safety

Of all the construction accidents that Omaha workers experience, those involving electricity are often the most surprising. This is because construction workers remain on the lookout for more typical hazards such as falling or being struck by an object. As such, electrical accident risks go overlooked in many cases.

Tips for preventing scaffolding accidents

When you work on a construction site, you put yourself in danger of suffering an injury every minute you are on the job. There's plenty of things you can do to ensure your safety, including wearing protective apparel and gear the entire time you are working. But what about working on scaffolding? Here are some tips to prevent a scaffolding accident at your construction site.

Are natural-gas lines a threat to people in Nebraska?

Natural gas line explosions are extremely dangerous to people working on site and to others who may have those gas lines entering their homes or businesses. Natural gas lines have the potential to explode, which could kill. However, Nebraska has taken some steps to reduce the risk of the lines becoming overpressurized, so there is less chance of an explosion.

How can construction workers avoid injury?

With over 10.3 million people working in construction in the United States, it's important to make sure construction zones and workplaces are safe. There are federal, state and local regulations that aim to keep construction workers healthy and safe, so employers are expected to follow them.