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Omaha construction workers may suffer vibration injuries

Using power tools at work can be a fun experience or so say some workers in the Omaha construction industry. For many, using these tools offers a break from the more mundane or routine tasks associated with building and repairing structures. However, the use of tools that vibrate can and does lead to significant injuries.

Never overlook safety if you work in the construction industry

If you are a member of Omaha's construction industry, you already know the many serious hazards that come with the job. The risk of suffering catastrophic injuries or even death remains with you while you are performing your duties.

Construction equipment accidents can cause serious injuries

Construction workers are typically aware of many accident and injury risks associated with the industry. However, most of these workers believe that the heavy equipment used in construction is very safe. Sometimes, such equipment is well-maintained and poses few construction accident risks. Other times, operating or working near heavy equipment like the kinds listed below can be hazardous to a worker's physical well-being:

Some construction accidents can result in eye injuries

The people who choose to work in the Omaha construction industry know about many of its hazards. They also know how to protect themselves from construction accidents in most cases. This usually involves compliance with the industry's safety standards such as wearing personal protective equipment. Despite this attention to safety, many workers fail to protect their eyes properly, often leading to serious consequences such as vision loss.

Know the electrical hazards at your worksite to improve safety

Of all the construction accidents that Omaha workers experience, those involving electricity are often the most surprising. This is because construction workers remain on the lookout for more typical hazards such as falling or being struck by an object. As such, electrical accident risks go overlooked in many cases.

Tips for preventing scaffolding accidents

When you work on a construction site, you put yourself in danger of suffering an injury every minute you are on the job. There's plenty of things you can do to ensure your safety, including wearing protective apparel and gear the entire time you are working. But what about working on scaffolding? Here are some tips to prevent a scaffolding accident at your construction site.

Are natural-gas lines a threat to people in Nebraska?

Natural gas line explosions are extremely dangerous to people working on site and to others who may have those gas lines entering their homes or businesses. Natural gas lines have the potential to explode, which could kill. However, Nebraska has taken some steps to reduce the risk of the lines becoming overpressurized, so there is less chance of an explosion.