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Minor work injury? You should still file an injury report

We will begin this blog post with a hypothetical scenario. You are working hard at your job when you trip over a piece of debris or equipment. You fall and hit your head on the hard floor. Other than feeling a little lightheaded for a moment, you appear to be just fine. Should you go on about your work or stop for a moment to file an injury report?

Workers' compensation and possible worker negligence

Let's begin this blog post by looking at a hypothetical situation. An Omaha factory worker suffers a serious head injury when a box of equipment falls and strikes the employee. Despite numerous signs posted throughout the workplace instructing workers' to wear hard hats at all times, this worker failed to don the required safety gear. Is he or she still eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits?

Workers' compensation may help you manage work-related stress

Most of today's work opportunities come with a large amount of stress. The employer's demand to produce, meet deadlines and take on extra work shifts cause employees to feel anxious and stressed. According to the American Institute of Stress, other causes include:

Does workers' compensation cover travel-related work injuries?

When employees suffer an injury on the job, their employer must provide them with workers' compensation benefits. This can pay for medical expenses as well as lost wages, eliminating many financial hardships that often accompany an injury.

Garbage collection workers face many injury risks every day

Perhaps the phrase, "it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it," came about solely for the workers who toil in the nation's solid waste management industry. The phrase certainly fits because these employees face many dirty and dangerous hazards each day.

Workers' compensation may cover necessary physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is a common form of treatment doctors prescribe after injuries occur. It offers patients many healing benefits and may help injured workers heal faster. You can count on workers' compensation to pay for the medical treatment you need following a work injury. In many cases, this treatment also includes PT.

Besides wage replacement, what does workers' compensation cover?

Workers' compensation is one of the greatest programs mandated by the U.S. government. Without such a program, it is safe to say that injured employees in Omaha and elsewhere would be lost and their families would likely suffer great hardships. Most workers know that the program replaces a portion of the injured worker's wages while he or she recovers, but additional types of compensation are also readily available.

Workers' compensation and vocational rehabilitation benefits

Workplace accidents and injuries can take you away from your job for days, weeks, months or even years, depending upon their severity. In many cases, an injured worker may qualify for workers' compensation disability benefits. However, the most common goal shared by injured workers involves returning to the workforce in some capacity.

Does workers' compensation pay for natural disaster injuries?

Nebraska is a great place in which to live and raise a family, but it is not without its share of natural disaster injury risks. Blizzards and tornados are just two examples of how nature can wreak havoc on our state. Anyone can suffer injuries during a natural disaster, but what happens if a calamity occurs while you are working and you suffer injuries? Will workers' compensation insurance cover your injuries in the face of an act of nature?