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More businesses turning to in-house clinics for employee care

As health care costs rise, employers in Omaha and other locations are starting to consider having their own in-house doctors. For example, one company in Indiana decided to offer free health care for the majority of its employees and their families through its own clinic. The clinic operates near the company's five factories and provides basic care, dietitian care, physiologist appointments and more. Best of all, this is free for employees.

Microbubbles might be the solution to supporting lung recovery

There is an interesting piece of research about microbubbles that could have the potential to save patients' lives when they're struggling with lung injuries. According to a June 26 report, a team of researchers from Colorado and Nebraska have created a sort of liquid lung, which would be placed in the abdomen. This would allow oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, even if a person's lungs were shutting down.