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Nebraska meatpackers may have to face even more accident risks

Industrial workers' accidents plague many Nebraska employees, but the meat-packing industry is particularly dangerous. Some of the injuries that affect the industry include serious cuts, amputations, back strain, repetitive movement injury and many others. The current government now wants to approve speedier production lines while reducing the industry's oversight.

Ammonia-exposure injuries in the meatpacking industry

Nebraska is one of the nation's top producers of high-quality meats. Omaha Steaks, for example, supplies citizens across the country with premium cuts of beef, chicken and pork. Meatpacking plants provide many job opportunities to workers, but they are not without several serious industrial workers' accident risks.

Life-saving first aid after a work-related amuptation

Industrial work settings pose many accident risks to Omaha employees. One of the worst examples of industrial workers' accidents involves losing an arm, leg or another body part to dismemberment or amputation. These extreme injuries typically impact victims for months, years or even lifetimes. Such injuries can also result in death without the proper first aid in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Fires and explosions in industrial settings

Our law firm has helped many workers in the Omaha meatpacking industry pursue and acquire compensation for their suffering. However, employment in any kind of plant or factory can lead to industrial workers' accidents. Explosions and fires are two types of accidents that could result in death or devastating injuries for employees.

Industrial workers should seek help when needed after an accident

For most of us, our work is more than just a job. It provides us with a way to care for our families and comes with many personal rewards. Industrial employees typically enjoy the work they perform and are not just there for a paycheck. Most industrial employees like the physical elements of their jobs as well as the mental challenges some industrial work poses. Unfortunately, industrial workers' accidents can interrupt these jobs and place financial hardships on Nebraska families.

Get to know the most dangerous job in America

There are a number of jobs in America that are not safe, no matter how much care you take to avoid injury. After reviewing the data on workplace injuries, these jobs have been identified. Knowing the risks you face could help you avoid working in these industries or know what kinds of risks you could face in yours.

Occupational health clinics can prevent injuries on the job

It is always important for those working industrial jobs to have access to the right safety equipment and support to do their jobs right. One thing that can help reduce workplace injuries is having an occupational health provider partnership.