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Workplace injuries: Good lifting techniques protect your back

Most people in the Omaha workforce must lift and move heavy objects either frequently or occasionally. Even office workers must lift heavy items from time to time. Workers in other industries like construction and warehousing must lift large and heavy items frequently. Many workplace injuries in Nebraska occur because employees do not know how to lift these objects properly.

Workplace injuries: Does your job expose you to asbestos?

Unbeknownst to many workers in the Omaha region, some occupations expose its staff members to asbestos. Although government guidelines exist to regulate this dangerous substance, exposure can lead to workplace injuries in the form of illness. Remaining informed about the possible presence of asbestos can help you decide whether to remain in your current line of work or to seek employment in a different industry.

McDonald's workers nationwide at risk of violence and injuries

No American city seems complete without at least one McDonald's restaurant. McDonald's is popular for its food as well as its late hours. The restaurants are convenient for those who wish to grab a snack or a meal at almost any time of the day or the night.

Your occupation may place your spine at risk of injury

As a support system for the human body, the spine works very hard to help other anatomical systems function properly. As you might imagine, a serious spinal injury could take you away from your job temporarily or permanently. In turn, this may result in a significant loss of income and financial security, which could carry on for the rest of your life.

Biological hazards associated with the meatpacking industry

The meatpacking industry in Omaha provides residents with gainful employment, enabling them to take care of their families. Without this industry, the entire state of Nebraska would likely suffer from higher rates of unemployment. Unfortunately, the industry is rife with hazards that could result in significant workplace injuries.

Health care workers are at risk for many workplace injuries

Each day, the women and men working in the health care industry perform an array of physical duties, putting them at risk of suffering workplace injuries. Many of these injuries are minor and do not pose health risks or take the victim away from his or her job. Unfortunately, some workplace injuries in a health care setting are much more severe.