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Some workplace injuries justify civil claims against employers

Are you suffering the consequences of on-the-job injuries that resulted from unsafe conditions in your workplace? You may want to hold your employer liable, but you cannot file a legal claim against your boss -- except under certain circumstances. According to the workers' compensation system, employers provide insurance coverage, and, in exchange, employees are not legally allowed to sue their employers if they are injured -- regardless of whose fault caused the injury.

Still significant safety concerns for meat processing workers

Meat processing is a serious and sometimes difficult job. It can also a be a dangerous occupation, because it involves heavy machinery and sharp blades along with chemicals and other hazards. Without the proper safety protocols, it can be surprisingly easy to get hurt. Even those who are very careful can still become injured simply because the job itself can be difficult and challenging at times.

Workplace dangers prove fatal for many

People spend a good portion of their lives at work, and there are several laws and precautions in place that are designed to keep people safe in the workplace. Employers are required to carry worker's compensation insurance, and organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Association and the National Safety Council actively work to help keep workplaces as safe as possible. Still, there are many people who are injured, and even killed while they are on the job.

Meat-packing plants the focus of new OSHA initiative

Workers employed at meat-packaging facilities know that they face dangerous conditions each time they are on the job. Accidents happen frequently in the industry, and even if a worker does everything right, they may still find themselves suffering a serious injury if an incident happens.