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2 taken to the hospital after exposure to fumes

One thing that all workers have to keep in mind is the kinds of chemicals they're around. On warm days, when chemicals are mixed or in other situations, there could be a risk of dangerous or deadly fumes surrounding workers and causing hazardous conditions. Sometimes, fumes can be dangerous or deadly to those exposed.

When a company covers up risks, it faces penalties in court

A man who was a school groundskeeper has won a case against agricultural giant Monsanto. The verdict against Monsanto awarded the man $289 million dollars. It comes late, however, as the former school groundskeeper is approaching death as a result of nonHodgkin's lymphoma.

Mining is a risk that you need to be prepared for

If you work in a mine, it's wise to learn about mine collapses so that you can recognize when the conditions are right for a collapse to occur. Mining is a risky practice, but with the right tools and structures in place, it's safer for miners to be in the mine shafts.