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Man suffers injuries after trench collapse in Nebraska

Imagine working for a company that you trust. You get into a trench to work on your job, and then you realize it's collapsing. You can't get out quick enough, and now you're left with injuries. You're fortunate that you got out alive, as many in these situations don't. Now, you can file for workers' compensation to help you with your medical expenses and lost wages until you're back on your feet.

2 companies cited for worker's serious injuries in Nebraska

Whenever someone is seriously hurt on the job, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigates the injury. When the OSHA completes the investigation, it may decide to fine the business where the person was injured due to failing to uphold safety standards or other regulations. That's what happened in this case from 2016 that recently had the investigation completed.

You can seek workers' compensation for an industrial injury

Working in a meat processing plant or slaughterhouse exposes you to a number of hazards. The jobs are dangerous and can result in musculoskeletal disorders thanks to days filled with repetitive motions. Americans each eat around 200 pounds of meat a year on average, so it's safe to say that this industry does require a significant amount of work. The industry is fast-paced and dangerous, even for healthy, fit individuals.

You can get compensated for a slip-and-fall accident

Imagine being at work when you walk toward your office and trip over a loose piece of carpet. Or, perhaps you were walking into the building from your vehicle when you twisted your ankle and fell. Whatever happened, if the premises was dangerous and led to your injury, you should be able to seek workers' compensation for your injuries.

Severe violator list could highlight worst workplaces in the U.S.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration doesn't have unlimited resources, so it's no surprise that it has to be very particular about the companies it pursues for violations. The federal safety agency has fewer than 1,850 inspectors around the United States who have to inspect and monitor a shocking 8 million workplaces; it's impossible to check each one.

Ladder safety is vital to safe work sites

Falling from a ladder can cause a very serious accident depending on how far the person is from the ground and the way they hit when they land. While some people get up and walk away without serious injuries, landing wrong can lead to broken bones, severe bruising, head injuries or even death in some cases.