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Meat packing plants the focus of new OSHA initiative

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Workers employed at meat-packaging facilities know that they face dangerous conditions each time they are on the job. Accidents happen frequently in the industry, and even if a worker does everything right, they may still find themselves suffering a serious injury if an incident happens.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently announced plans to try to make the meat-packing industry safer. The agency has kicked off a Local Emphasis Program that is focused on reducing the number of injuries suffered by workers in these facilities in Nebraska.

As part of the program, OSHA will be providing training and education to workplaces to ensure that they are complying with all of the proper safety precautions. The agency may send inspectors into these factories to check for any potential hazardous conditions that may increase the risk of accident.

OSHA believes that this is necessary because according to their statistics, a worker in a meat-packing plant is two-and-a-half times more like to suffer a serious injury or illness while on the job as compared to the national average.

The most pressing concern to officials is reducing the number of musculoskeletal disorders impacting these workers. Many of these jobs require workers to perform the same tasks over and over, which can place a great deal of stress on joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons because of the repetitive actions.

OSHA hopes that by taking action, they can help improve safety in these facilities. They are examining ways to make the repetition less taxing physically, which could be a significant help to workers.

What you should do if you suffer a work-related injury or illness

If you have been injured or suffered an illness while working, you need to make sure that you notify your supervisor as soon as possible. This is an important first step which is necessary to help you receive workers’ compensation benefits.

You must next contact an experienced attorney to discuss your workers’ comp claims. This ensures that you will have an advocate on your side throughout the process. Many insurance companies will try to get you to return to work before you have fully recovered, which can put you in a very difficult position.

An attorney will be able to protect your rights and stand up for your claims at all times. This will help you get the appropriate medical care to treat your condition as effectively as possible.