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Beware -- an electrical hazard can produce shocking results

If you are a construction worker in Omaha, you face an endless list of safety hazards, one of which is electricity. Electricians are not the only ones at risk because electricity will be all around you regardless of the project on which you work. Multiple electrical hazards are present where you renovate, tear down or build a new structure.

Electricity is so much part of your life that complacency might put you at risk. Learning about the potential hazards and the precautions you can take might avoid electrical shocks -- which could be fatal. Every construction site should have a ready supply of safety equipment to protect workers against electrical hazards.

Occupational health clinics can prevent injuries on the job

It is always important for those working industrial jobs to have access to the right safety equipment and support to do their jobs right. One thing that can help reduce workplace injuries is having an occupational health provider partnership.

If an employee suffers an injury, you may have to send them to a local physician's office or emergency room. However, if you have an occupational health clinic that works with your company, it gives employers something bigger to fall back on. The occupational health provider is knowledgeable about requirements for employers and employees. It knows when it can, for example, test a worker for intoxication or drugs, perform health screenings and offer other services. All of these things could be tools for reducing the number of injuries in the workplace.

More businesses turning to in-house clinics for employee care

As health care costs rise, employers in Omaha and other locations are starting to consider having their own in-house doctors. For example, one company in Indiana decided to offer free health care for the majority of its employees and their families through its own clinic. The clinic operates near the company's five factories and provides basic care, dietitian care, physiologist appointments and more. Best of all, this is free for employees.

What is the idea behind providing an in-house clinic?

Heat stress: A real challenge for everyday workers

Workers' compensation insurance is there to protect people who are hurt on the job. Workers' compensation kicks in when you have to go to the hospital or see your doctor for an injury that develops because of your job.

With many workers active in places where the environment can take a toll, an interesting thing to consider is how climate changes are affecting workers every day. Most people understand that when temperatures are rising, workers are at risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

When a company covers up risks, it faces penalties in court

A man who was a school groundskeeper has won a case against agricultural giant Monsanto. The verdict against Monsanto awarded the man $289 million dollars. It comes late, however, as the former school groundskeeper is approaching death as a result of nonHodgkin's lymphoma.

While this is an older news story, it's important for those who continue to sue the company for their terminal illnesses. This man sued Monsanto after discovering that a rash he'd developed was actually a symptom of nonHodgkin's lymphoma. During the trial, the jury determined that the weed killer, Roundup, which is produced by Monsanto, was a product that was dangerous to the public. It believed that the company had not warned the public about the risk of developing cancer.

Is your office a danger zone?

Whether you've been reporting for duty at the same Nebraska office for decades or have just recently started a new job, it's easy to take your own safety in the workplace for granted. Compared to other lines of work, such as railroad jobs, factory work or agriculture, office work seems rather benign regarding risk for injury.  

However, that's not always the case. Many issues and situations can place you at risk as an office worker. Your employer is obligated to provide you with proper training and equipment to help you stay safe while you work. The more you know about office hazards ahead of time, the better. It would also help to know what to do and where to seek support if you suffer injury on the job.  

Changes in government can threaten workplace safety

If you are a worker in America, you probably already know that many people die on the job. Even a job that seems relatively harmless can result in serious injuries and deaths in the right circumstances.

It's hoped that workers' injuries can be reduced, but with changes in the government, it is actually possible that they may increase. Depending on how laws are adjusted, there is a potential for looser safety practices on the job. If there are no solid safety practices in place, the risk of injury increases.

Industrial accidents: They are preventable

As a worker in an industrial field, you're constantly on alert. You know that a single mistake could lead to major accidents that could seriously hurt you or others around you.

Industrial accidents occur fairly often, but the reality is that many are preventable. The majority of accidents occur due to carelessness or a total disregard for employees or coworkers. For example, if an employer doesn't have a safety plan in place, then it's likely that different coworkers will do different things on the job, not realizing what acts are dangerous. This could potentially lead to an accident.

Railcar company owners face charges in workers' deaths

Workers' compensation plays a special role in helping people get the care they need after a workplace injury. For many, this is an immense help, since it covers medical bills and some lost wages during recovery. Any time someone is hurt, workers' compensation could provide the support needed in a trying time.

Recently, a news article published on Aug. 23 discussed criminal charges being filed against a railcar cleaning company based in Omaha. The news reports that the owners of the company face charges for an explosion that killed two workers. The company's president and vice president are both named in a 22-count indictment.

1 killed in Nebraska work accident

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, which is why safety has to be a priority for employers. Whether there are explosives or risks from falling from heights, it's important that workers have the knowledge to stay safe and the equipment to help them do so.

Sometimes, accidents happen on the job. On Aug. 14, a Lincoln man was killed in a construction accident that took place near Arbor Road and 70th Street in that city. The 28-year-old man had been operating a rock grizzly, a piece of equipment used to separate rock. It was elevated on a Caterpillar bucket extension when the accident occurred.