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Preventing workplace accidents starts with you

There can be many causes of workplace accidents, but one you're likely to hear about in Omaha is a workplace explosion. While working with grains and fine dust, it's more likely for explosions and fires to occur.

As a worker in an environment where an explosion is possible, one thing you can do is to learn more about what causes accidents in the first place. You may be surprised at how easy it is to prevent a serious accident from taking place.

Be aware of the hazards posed by grain bins in Nebraska

A significant percentage of the Nebraska workforce is involved in agriculture. With the prevalence of crop farming that includes grain sorghum, corn, hay, wheat and soybeans, grain bins feature in various operations. If you work at any facility at which your duties put you in or near grain elevators or feed mills, you will likely face a host of safety hazards.

Regardless of whether you work outside the bins or in them during loading or unloading of grain, or are involved in equipment maintenance, it is crucial to learn about the hazards that may threaten your life. Even the hidden dangers are very real, and you must be alert and conscious of them at all times.

Weather plays a role in workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can happen for many reasons, one of which is the weather. Changing weather conditions can impact workers significantly, whether they're in hot weather, cold weather or caught in a storm.

The interesting thing about the weather in Nebraska is that it can change quickly. Even on the plains, where you might see bad weather far off in the distance, the lack of hills or landforms to alter the weather's path makes it move quickly and threaten workers on the job.

Power tools are a danger if they're not handled properly

Power tools are more dangerous than you may believe. While you think of them has helpful, not harmful, even something as simple as a powered screwdriver can lead to injuries.

Common construction accidents that happen because of power tools include electrocution, broken bones, amputations, lacerations, cuts and abrasions. How do these accidents happen? Here's a few reasons power tool accidents occur.

3 tips for choosing the right ladder

Ladders are used in many workplaces today, and there is one reality that all workers face: a potential for falls. Ladders come in a number of shapes and forms, and certain ladders are better for some jobs than others.

The important thing to know is that ladder falls are preventable. How? You have to start by choosing the right ladder. Here are a few things that can help you get the right ladder for the job:

Microbubbles might be the solution to supporting lung recovery

There is an interesting piece of research about microbubbles that could have the potential to save patients' lives when they're struggling with lung injuries. According to a June 26 report, a team of researchers from Colorado and Nebraska have created a sort of liquid lung, which would be placed in the abdomen. This would allow oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, even if a person's lungs were shutting down.

The initial goal for the research was to find a way to help Air Force personnel breathe after suffering traumatic lung injuries. They need a portable way to get support until they can reach a hospital.

Stress and shift work might be the biggest hazards faced by cops

If you have a career in law enforcement in Nebraska, you are a perfect candidate for one or more job-related health complications. Many researchers and safety authorities say police officers are at a higher risk of suffering occupational illnesses than employees in other fields. While incidents, situations and external stimuli with which you deal every day can cause excessive stress, irregular work hours and working shifts can adversely affect your health.

Along with the health impact, the stress and shift work can strain family life and personal relationships. If you are on permanent or long-term night shift, weeks may go by with little or no contact with your family members because you will work while they sleep and you will try to get your rest while your loved ones are up and about, busy with living their lives.

Heat illnesses are a real risk to workers in the summer

In the summer, heat is dangerous to construction workers. It's normal for them to quickly tire, get dehydrated or even develop heat sickness as a result of the mercury rising.

One question companies need to ask is how to keep their workers safe in the sun. The primary way is to provide a way to get cool — at least temporarily — at the job site. Without this, workers are more at risk for workplace accidents. Here are a few tips for keeping workers safer from heat-related accidents this summer.

Workers' compensation helps cover your losses while you heal

Workers' compensation laws are in place to make sure you get what you need in a time of crisis. When you're injured, it's no question that you deserve the time to receive the appropriate medical care and time to recover.

For some workers, the thought of missing work and their wages makes them continue on when they should really rest. They may worry about their ability to continue meeting their financial obligations if they take time off of work to heal.

Officer injured in drunk driving collision in Omaha

Sometimes, the people who are hired to keep everyone safe are the ones who are in the most danger. This is particularly true for emergency medical teams, police and even firefighters. They put themselves in harm's way often, doing what they can to help others.

When it comes to injuries on the job, it's not always going to be the kind of injury you'd expect. For the police, you often think of bullet wounds, but the reality is that more officers are injured in traffic accidents and similar situations while on the job.