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Assaults on staff members a growing problem in health care

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2023 | Workplace Injuries |

Assaults on health care workers in medical settings have become increasingly common. These incidents, ranging from verbal abuse to physical assaults, pose serious threats to the well-being of these individuals.

Understanding the factors contributing to this issue helps employers implement effective preventative measures. It also helps protect health care workers and create safer work environments.

High-stress environments

Health care settings are often high-stress environments. Patients and their families may experience fear, frustration or anxiety. This can heighten emotional tensions. Health care workers often bear the brunt of these emotions. As a result, they often face verbal abuse or even physical aggression.

Understaffing and overwork

Understaffing in health care facilities can lead to increased workloads for existing staff. This can result in fatigue and stress. Overworked health care professionals may struggle to deliver optimal care. This can lead to heightened frustration among patients and their families. Adequate staffing levels help take some of the pressure off of health care workers. In doing so, they reduce the likelihood of assaults.

Substance and mental health issues

Assaults on health care workers sometimes result from patients or visitors struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues. Those under the influence of substances or grappling with mental health challenges may be unpredictable. Addressing these issues through appropriate interventions and support systems contributes to a safer health care environment.

Healthcare Finance reports that 40% of the nation’s health care workers have faced violence on the job within the past two years. Addressing assaults on health care workers requires a comprehensive approach. It also warrants a close review of the unique challenges of medical environments.