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A work injury can leave you with stacks of medical bills and temporary or permanent disability. Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, however, can be an uphill battle. Employers and their insurance companies often limit or even deny full compensation, keeping injured workers from obtaining the benefits they need.

At Dowd & Corrigan, LLC, our attorneys are aggressive advocates for injured workers throughout Nebraska and Iowa. We know workers’ compensation law and have a proven record of success in obtaining results for our clients.

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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Advocates

We handle workers’ compensation claims and appeals for injured workers in all lines of work. We have the experience, skill and resources to handle claims arising from:

Third-Party Claims

If your work injury was caused by the negligence of a third party – a contractor or careless driver, for instance – you may be eligible to obtain personal injury compensation on top of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Our attorneys can evaluate your case to determine if you qualify for personal injury compensation. This could significantly increase the amount of compensation available to you.

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If you are seeking compensation for a work injury, our lawyers are here to help. Contact us today at 402-913-9713 to speak with a knowledgeable Douglas County workers’ compensation lawyer.