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Can You Bring A Workers’ Comp Claim, A Personal Injury Claim Or Both?

A workplace injury is upsetting and disruptive in more ways than one. Namely, an injured worker:

  • Most likely needs medical care
  • May need ongoing physical therapy, rehabilitation and other forms of follow-up care
  • May not be able to work for some time, and after a serious injury, may not be able to return to the same job, performing the same duties
  • Must find ways to pay bills if income from the job ceases temporarily or permanently after the injury

It can be challenging to deal with medical care and financial problems at the same time. With so many balls in the air at once, and perhaps with pain and recovery efforts clouding the big picture, an injured worker needs sound legal advice. Dowd & Corrigan, LLC, is available to take many burdens from the minds of injured workers and their families.

Specifically, our law firm helps people recovering from workplace injuries understand the differences between two common sources of compensation: workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Sometimes an injured person can collect compensation through both legal remedies. Having one law firm coordinate two or more cases simultaneously can streamline both. Our firm has a long history of achievement in both areas of the law. We are here to advise and guide you through either type of claim or both.

Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation claim will likely bring you financial relief more quickly than a personal injury claim can, but the amount of benefits may not be all you need.

Many injured workers can tap into workers’ compensation benefits soon after an injury on the job. Employers are generally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Benefits and processes for recovery are spelled out by each state.

With multiple generations of lawyers in our family handling workers’ compensation claims for Nebraskans and Iowans over the years, we are more than qualified to streamline the workers’ compensation processes for you. We can bring appeals as necessary if you encounter obstacles along the way. For example, the workers’ compensation insurer may say you are ready to return to work before you actually can. Our attorneys can advocate for you.

Personal Injury Claims And Lawsuits

Sometimes an accident on the job was the fault of someone else, not the employer. In these cases, a third-party liability claim for compensation may be an option. This will be a personal injury claim totally separate from, and in addition to, a workers’ compensation claim involving the employer’s insurer.

If your injury took place apart from work altogether, you may be pursuing compensation through a personal injury claim. Even if the injury took place at someone else’s work site, workers’ compensation will not be your pathway to recovery.

In a nutshell, then, a personal injury claim or lawsuit may be brought by any party versus a negligent party who is NOT that person’s employer if the injury happened on the job or after any other kind of accident.

Let Us Evaluate Your Case

If you were injured on the job or off, we can help you recover compensation through channels that will bring results. You may qualify for other sources of support, too after a serious injury or private insurance. Let us help ensure you tap into all available sources of financial recovery after an accident or the onset of a serious illness or chronic condition. Call 402-913-9713 or send an email message through this website to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.