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We Are Omaha’s Esteemed Lawyers Managing Third-Party Claims

There may be more than one person or entity who is responsible for causing your work injury. You need a seasoned lawyer who can identify the liable parties and ensure you receive fair compensation. With over 70 years combined experience, our attorneys at Dowd & Corrigan, LLC have represented injured workers in Iowa and Nebraska to file third-party claims. Here is how to know if you have a third-party claim.

What Is A Third-Party Claim?

If you are injured on the job, you may be able to file both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party claim. A workers’ compensation claim is filed with your employer’s insurance company. A third-party claim is filed against a person or entity who contributed to your work injury.

Examples of instances in which a third-party claim may arise include:

  • You are a taxi driver transporting a passenger and are rear-ended
  • You work on an assembly line and are injured by a poorly designed machine
  • You are a nurse who is assaulted by a patient

Determining Who Is At Fault For Your Injury

There may be one or more parties who are responsible for causing your injury. Depending on your job, these may include:

  • Product manufacturers
  • Motorists
  • Subcontractors
  • Patients
  • Cleaning companies

Our attorneys will investigate the cause of the injury and ensure we hold all at-fault parties responsible for their negligence.

The Benefits Available To You

Workers’ compensation benefits may not be enough to cover all expenses such as medical expenses, loss of past and future earnings and pain and suffering. You can file a third-party claim and fight for personal injury benefits that are not covered under workers’ compensation, including loss of consortium, loss of earning capacity and mental anguish. It is critical to pursue damages in a third-party claim to ensure you can afford to receive proper medical care and the compensation you need to recover financially.

Avoid Mistakes During The Process And Call Now

If your workers’ compensation or third-party claim for benefits has been denied, we can help you to file an appeal and challenge the decision. To learn more about the claims and appeals process, please call 402-913-9713 or contact us online for a consultation at our Omaha office.