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Forklift safety Do your part to reduce construction accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Construction Accidents |

The usefulness of forklifts for lifting and moving materials at construction sites in Omaha is undeniable. However, these valuable pieces of machinery may also pose serious safety hazards to construction workers. Operators of forklifts are at risk and so are those who perform their job duties in the vicinity of a forklift in operation.

Most of the time, workers can prevent construction accidents involving forklifts by making safety the top priority. Keeping the following forklift safety tips in mind could help workers and their employers reduce the hazards of using this equipment.

— Weight capacity: Learn and comply with the forklift’s weight limits to avoid tipping due to a heavy, unstable load.

— Police your route: Before starting the forklift check to make sure your route is obstacle-free.

— Secure loads: Make sure your load is stable and use safety straps to secure oddly-shaped loads.

— Communicate with co-workers: Ensure that others in your working area are aware of what you are doing and where you are going when operating a forklift.

— Practice caution: Avoid driving and spinning the forklift too fast.

— Proper maintenance: Operators should routinely inspect forklifts and make sure they are properly maintained to prevent malfunctions or equipment failures.

— Park correctly: Operators should only park forklifts in a flat designated parking area. Make sure the fork rests on the floor, the ignition is off and the keys are removed.

Both employees and employers have a responsibility to keep staff members safe at construction sites. Those who have been injured in a construction accident involving a forklift can get sound advice about how to seek compensation by consulting with an attorney.

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