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The trucking profession can lead to many injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2017 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

As a trucker, you know one thing to be true: You put quite a bit of strain on your mind and body.

While you hope to remain healthy throughout the duration of your career, you realize that you could suffer an injury at some point. If this happens, you’ll want to learn more about your legal rights, such as the ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Some of the most common types of truck driver injuries include:

— Knee injuries

— Shoulder injuries

— Carpal tunnel syndrome

— Neck injuries

— Back injuries

While not always the case, many of these injuries are the result of sitting in one position for one hour after the next. Along with this, it’s not out of the question to suffer an injury when loading and unloading trucks.

At our law firm, we realize that truckers are at risk of serious injury. This is why we do whatever it takes to help injured truck drivers receive workers’ compensation benefits. With this, the person is able to receive money while recovering from his or her injuries.

If you suffer any type of injury as a result of your trucking career, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek medical attention. From there, if you are unable to return to your job, it’s time to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. In the event of a denial, don’t give in and assume that you have to get behind the wheel once again. You can always file an appeal with the hopes of having the original decision overturned in the near future.