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What are the most common types of work zone accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Workplace Accident |

As a road worker, it’s likely that you will be in close proximity to moving vehicles on a regular basis. Along with this, there are many other risks associated with this line of work.

Work zone accidents happen for a number of reasons, with these among the most common:

— Runovers or backovers, such as when a dump truck hits a worker

— Collisions between two vehicles

Caught between construction equipment and another object

— Struck by a piece of construction equipment

— Hit by a vehicle that is driving past the work zone

All of these circumstances can lead to serious injury or even death. For example, a speeding vehicle that hits a road worker almost always ends up disaster.

Employers and workers alike should understand the steps they can take to keep everyone safe at all times. An example of this would be wearing reflective material during nighttime shifts.

In the event of a work zone accident, here are the four things that must happen:

— Receive immediate medical attention, often by calling for an ambulance

— Report the accident, as well as the circumstances, to your on-site supervisor or employer

— Learn more about your injuries and the type of treatment you require

— Learn more about your legal rights

Your health will always come first, but at some point you should also turn your attention to the workers’ compensation system. If you are unable to return to work, which is often the case, you may be able to receive benefits until you make a recovery.

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