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Top tips for staying safe when working in cold weather

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Workplace Injuries |

Working in cold weather is easier said than done. Even though you don’t have to contend with high temperatures and a hot sun, there are many risks of which you need to be aware.

Here are some top tips for staying safe when working in cold weather:

  • Make note of any conditions that could be dangerous to your health
  • Learn the signs of cold induced illnesses, like frostbite
  • Wear the proper clothing at all times, such as warm and dry clothes (along with gloves)
  • Do your best to complete your work at the warmest parts of the day, such as the middle of the afternoon
  • Don’t work when you are fatigued, as you need energy to stay warm
  • Work with others so that there is always someone who can watch for danger signs
  • Eat warm food and drink warm beverages
  • Don’t be afraid to retreat to the indoors if you are feeling too cold to work

These are just a few of the many tips you can follow if you find yourself working outdoors during the cold fall and winter months,which are coming very soon.

If you suffer any type of on the job injury, such as one related to working too many hours in the cold, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Once you know what went wrong and how to regain your former level of health, you can turn your attention to the workers’ compensation system. You may be able to receive compensation if you find that you are unable to return to your job immediately following the injury.

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