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Officer injured in drunk driving collision in Omaha

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | workers' compensation |

Sometimes, the people who are hired to keep everyone safe are the ones who are in the most danger. This is particularly true for emergency medical teams, police and even firefighters. They put themselves in harm’s way often, doing what they can to help others.

When it comes to injuries on the job, it’s not always going to be the kind of injury you’d expect. For the police, you often think of bullet wounds, but the reality is that more officers are injured in traffic accidents and similar situations while on the job.

Take for example a crash involving a drunk driver and an officer in Omaha. The officer was in a sports utility vehicle when the drunk driver collided with the officer’s vehicle. It was around 3:00 a.m. on June 28 when the crash happened.

It wasn’t reported if the other driver was injured, but the officer had to be treated before being allowed to return home to recover.

In this situation, the officer was lucky to be in a large vehicle that offered significant protection. That officer may recover well and likely won’t miss a significant amount of work. However, not everyone is that fortunate.

Some people are severely hurt on the job, leaving them with no way to work and only an injury to focus on. If you’re hurt, remember that workers’ compensation is there to provide you with medical coverage and to provide a portion of your wages to you as you recover from your injuries if you are not able to return to work soon after your accident.