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Microbubbles might be the solution to supporting lung recovery

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

There is an interesting piece of research about microbubbles that could have the potential to save patients’ lives when they’re struggling with lung injuries. According to a June 26 report, a team of researchers from Colorado and Nebraska have created a sort of liquid lung, which would be placed in the abdomen. This would allow oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, even if a person’s lungs were shutting down.

The initial goal for the research was to find a way to help Air Force personnel breathe after suffering traumatic lung injuries. They need a portable way to get support until they can reach a hospital.

How does this work, though? A series of microbubbles could disburse much-needed oxygen, and this would give the lungs time to rest. The lungs can heal on their own, but they need time. Microbubbles could be the solution to that problem.

Microbubbles would be delivered to the abdomen or chest cavity through liquid foam. A medical device is being designed to help the foam enter and exit the body safely.

This isn’t a guaranteed treatment yet, and human trials are a ways off. However, the possibility is there for a way to help anyone who has suffered a life-threatening lung injury. Microbubbles may end up being the technology of the future, helping patients with many kinds of lung diseases and disorders live with this manmade third lung instead of having to rely on the lungs themselves. This could help many patients get the recovery time they need without further threatening their ability to breathe and recover safely.