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2 taken to the hospital after exposure to fumes

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Workplace Accident |

One thing that all workers have to keep in mind is the kinds of chemicals they’re around. On warm days, when chemicals are mixed or in other situations, there could be a risk of dangerous or deadly fumes surrounding workers and causing hazardous conditions. Sometimes, fumes can be dangerous or deadly to those exposed.

In Clay Center, Nebraska, two men had to be rushed to the hospital after they were involved in a workplace accident at a local business center. The men had been cleaning out a tanker at Extreme Transfer when the incident took place.

The Clay Center Fire Department reported to the scene and said that the men may have been injured as a result of being overcome by the fumes in the tanker itself. It is not clear what kinds of chemicals may have been in the tanker at the time of the incident.

Both men had to be taken to Mary Lanning Hospital. It was reported that at least one man was found unconscious at the scene when emergency teams arrived. For now, the incident is still being investigated.

When you’re on the job, mixtures of chemicals and fumes can cause sudden problems you weren’t expecting. Inhaling dangerous substances can lead to chemical burns in the lungs or cause you to pass out. Sometimes, these toxins are deadly.

If you’re hurt on the job, remember that workers’ compensation is there for you. It is designed to support your care and to provide you with other benefits as you recover from the injuries you suffered while working.