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More businesses turning to in house clinics for employee care

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

As health care costs rise, employers in Omaha and other locations are starting to consider having their own in-house doctors. For example, one company in Indiana decided to offer free health care for the majority of its employees and their families through its own clinic. The clinic operates near the company’s five factories and provides basic care, dietitian care, physiologist appointments and more. Best of all, this is free for employees.

What is the idea behind providing an in-house clinic?

Companies are starting to realize that spending more on preventive care will eventually help reduce health care costs on the whole. While the above mentioned situation occurred in Indiana, that idea is actually spreading across the entire United States. Companies are opening clinics near their work sites or having temporary clinics to make sure that their employees have annual physicals at the very least.

Offering free primary care or having extremely low fees means that more employees seek the care they need at the first sign of trouble. Many employers believe that this cost is money well-spent, since fewer employees have unmanaged chronic conditions or unnecessary emergency room visits. This also helps reduce the time people spend off the job, too, which is a win-win scenario.

It is expected that 56 percent of large employers will have these health clinics available at their business locations by 2019, which is up from 47 percent in 2016. This could be something that happens near you soon, which is something that may make your workplace a safer and more effective place to go each day.