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How much are workers compensation wage replacement benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | workers' compensation |

When you get hurt so badly on the job that you need to take time away from work to recover, you will usually be able to qualify for workers’ compensation wage replacement benefits.

These valuable benefits will help you stay financially afloat while you’re injured. In fact, many workers are very surprised by just how generous wage replacement benefits are.

In most cases, an injured worker who needs to take time away from their job due to injuries they suffered in the course of their employment can receive wage replacement benefits totaling two-thirds of their average wages. Of course, limitations will apply to these amounts. For example, someone earning $10 million a year can’t apply to receive 66.66 percent of those wages. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Omaha workers will get two-thirds of their average incomes.

Before you balk at this figure and say, “How am I supposed to live off 66 percent of my normal salary?” you also need to realize that, unlike your normal wages, workers’ compensation benefits are not subject to taxation. This means that you’ll get to keep the full amount of the benefits paid out to you.

Therefore, your wage replacement benefits may bring you very close to your normal salary. Your eligibility for these important injured worker benefits should begin after several days of not being able to work because of your work-related medical condition.

Do you want to learn more about wage replacement benefits and workers’ compensation? An attorney experienced in handling workers’ compensation cases can provide valuable guidance and help you seek the benefits you deserve.