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Some ladder safety tips to prevent injuries at work

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Workplace Accident |

Are you an experienced construction worker? Do you use a ladder as a regular part of your workday? Have you become complacent or overconfident about using a ladder? If you’re not taking great care to prevent a ladder-related fall, you could be risking your life every time you climb the ladder.

To stay safe, prevent injuries and avoid an extremely unfortunate accident from happening, take a moment to ensure that you’re following these ladder safety tips:

— Inspect your ladder to ensure it doesn’t have any defects, broken parts, cracks, loose bolts or corrosion before each use. If the ladder has any noticeable problems, don’t use it. Set the ladder aside for repair or replacement.

— Check the ladder to ensure that it has slip-resistant pads on its feet and that they work properly.

— Only set up your ladder on a firm surface that provides a stable base without the threat of slipping. Angle the ladder in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines

— If you’re working around electricity, select a fiberglass ladder.

— If you’re going to be getting off the ladder on a higher surface, like a roof, the ladder should extend three feet beyond the next level.

— Use the three points of contact rule by keeping two hands and one foot or on hand and two feet holding on the ladder whenever you’re on the device.

Did you fall from a ladder and suffer a serious injury on the job? You might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical care and compensate for lost income.