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What are workers compensation death benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | workers' compensation |

When someone dies in an on-the-job accident, their financial dependents — like their children, their spouse and other dependent family members — might be surprised to discover that they may be able to receive workers’ compensation death benefits. These benefits could compensate family members and dependents for the income they have lost as a result of their deceased mother, father, husband or wife.

In the state of Nebraska, workers’ compensation laws allow for up to $10,000 in funeral expenses to help pay for the deceased employee’s funeral services. Support payments will also be made to surviving spouses and some dependents. In most cases, spouses and children who lived with the decedent can be considered dependents. Sometimes, other dependents — if they prove their financial reliance on the worker — can apply to receive payments as well.

It should be noted that most employees have workers’ compensation coverage — including employment-related death benefits for their families — but not all Nebraska workers have this important protection. Household servants, domestic servants and independent contractors are some employees who don’t have workers’ compensation coverage. Also, if the employee died as a result of his or her willful negligence, or if the employee died outside of work, the family probably will not be able to qualify for death benefits.

If your close family member died at work — no matter the circumstances — our Omaha law office and legal team are available to discuss the nature of your case with you. Learn more about your legal rights and workers’ comp death benefit options now.