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Besides wage replacement what does workers compensation cover

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | workers' compensation |

Workers’ compensation is one of the greatest programs mandated by the U.S. government. Without such a program, it is safe to say that injured employees in Omaha and elsewhere would be lost and their families would likely suffer great hardships. Most workers know that the program replaces a portion of the injured worker’s wages while he or she recovers, but additional types of compensation are also readily available.

This blog post will discuss just a few of the other benefits injured workers may access following a job-related injury. Learning about these benefits helps to prepare you should a work accident occur. It is also important to discuss your case with a workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that you acquire all of the benefits you deserve.

Medical benefits: Most importantly, workers’ compensation enables you to receive all of the medical care necessary to make a full recovery following a work injury. As long as the care relates to your work injury, you receive full coverage.

Disability benefits: When a job-related injury is serious enough to result in temporary or permanent disability, workers’ compensation provides life-changing benefits. These benefits allow you to carry on with your medical treatment for the duration of your disability.

Rehabilitation benefits: In some cases, injured workers need help returning to the workforce in the wake of a job accident. Workers’ comp allows these workers to receive vocational and other forms of rehabilitation (e.g. physical therapy).

The government knows that having a healthy and physically capable workforce benefits the state of Nebraska as well as the whole nation. This is why workers’ compensation benefits exist. It is also why you have the right to appeal if your claim results in a denial or incomplete compensation. An experienced lawyer can help you get your claim back on a positive track.