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Two steps to decreasing incidents on construction sites

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Firm News |

As a construction worker, you probably are completely aware of the various risks you face every time you go to work. There is moving equipment, many people doing various tasks at once, and you may have to work from heights. Safety is one of the most critical factors on any Nebraska construction site.

Site managers and employers have the responsibility of making sure their workers are as safe as reasonably possible. What this means for your particular job on your specific construction site depends on what kind of role you have and what kind of project you are working on. You may find it useful to understand what you can expect from your employer regarding the implementation of better safety for all workers.

Preparing well

One of the most important steps in increasing job site safety is to prepare well for the job ahead. At the start of a new construction project, a manager will need to think through everything needed to make this a safe endeavor. This includes identifying areas of possible risk, training workers for their tasks and providing the necessary safety equipment.

Zoning certain parts of the construction site can also be helpful. This means blocking off areas where more dangerous jobs are taking place, allowing workers to know what areas to avoid. Fall safety is also crucial, as a majority of construction accidents happen because of falls from scaffolding, ladders or elevated platforms.

Strong risk management

Risk management is an important part of construction site safety. One way to do this is to analyze trends, identifying times and days when accidents are more frequent. This can help pinpoint risks and areas where safety may be lacking. Regular safety meetings to communicate policies, expectations and procedures are also helpful.

Injured workers have rights

You may experience an injury while working on a construction site, or you may currently be dealing with the implications of a work injury. You have the right to seek help through a workers’ compensation claim filed with your employer’s insurance provider. It may be beneficial to learn more about your employer’s procedures and what you can do in case you need to file a claim.

The benefits you may be able to get through workers’ comp include medical care, recovery of some of the wages you lost while in the hospital or at home, and even help getting back to work. An assessment of your case can help you understand how to get the specific help you need.