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Workers’ compensation may cover necessary physical therapy

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | workers' compensation |

Physical therapy (PT) is a common form of treatment doctors prescribe after injuries occur. It offers patients many healing benefits and may help injured workers heal faster. You can count on workers’ compensation to pay for the medical treatment you need following a work injury. In many cases, this treatment also includes PT.

According to the health care company Concentra, the many benefits physical therapy offers injured workers include the following.

  • Relieves injury-related pain
  • Corrects physical imbalances
  • Restores the body’s ability to move and function
  • Improves conditioning and strength
  • Reduces the risk of additional workplace injuries
  • Promotes health in the long-term
  • Minimizes the length of recovery from injuries

Despite the advantages PT provides to injured workers, it can pose extra costs to employers who pay for workers’ compensation insurance. As you might expect, most businesses try to avoid an increase in their expenses. This means that your boss may try to discourage you from pursuing PT. Further, workers’ compensation may even deny your claim altogether if the claims adjuster believes PT is unnecessary.

As dedicated legal advocates for the Nebraska workforce, we want to make sure all employees know their rights when it comes to work-related injuries. A large part of these rights involves receiving the treatment you require at no cost to you.

We encourage you to take advantage of PT if your doctor recommends such treatment. If you experience difficulty getting the necessary claim approval, you might want to consider seeking a legal opinion. As an injured worker who contributes to the growth of the nation, the law is on your side. Continue reviewing our website if you need more information about any aspect of workers’ compensation.