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Your occupation may place your spine at risk of injury

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

As a support system for the human body, the spine works very hard to help other anatomical systems function properly. As you might imagine, a serious spinal injury could take you away from your job temporarily or permanently. In turn, this may result in a significant loss of income and financial security, which could carry on for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, many job opportunities in Omaha can be particularly hazardous to the human spine. A few examples of jobs that can result in workplace injuries to the spine include the following.

  • Construction workers
  • Groundskeepers and landscapers
  • Healthcare personnel
  • Warehouse workers
  • Assembly line and factory workers

Attention to safety in the workplace goes a long way in helping to protect the body, but workplace injuries affecting the spine can still occur. Workers’ compensation is there to help you and other Nebraska residents meet your financial and medical needs in the wake of an injury.

Getting proper treatment for spine injuries is critical to your recovery and your ability to continue earning an income to support your family. If you should experience trouble acquiring the workers’ comp benefits you deserve, it can impact your life in devastating ways.

Our legal staff wants to make sure you understand that seeking compensation for all workplace injuries is your right under the law. If any party such as your employer or a workers’ compensation representative denies you this right or attempts to block your claim, there are legal options at your disposal.

Please consider reaching out to a lawyer if you have difficulty filing a successful claim. We also encourage you to learn more about workplace injuries and your right to compensation by continuing to browse our website.