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Prevention is the best way to protect your back while working

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

The back and spine carry a great deal of the burden placed on the human body, especially in physically demanding occupations as well as jobs that involve a lot of inactivity, such as office careers.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help Omaha residents overcome workplace injuries without experiencing significant financial hardships. However, prevention remains the best way to keep your back healthy. Protecting your entire body, including your back, helps ensure that you do not miss any work and that you may never need to file a workers’ compensation claim. The following tips can help.

Avoid repetition: Some occupations require workers to perform certain movements over and over. Instead of approaching this repetition the same way each time, alternate your movements to avoid stressing your back and spine.

Lift safely: It is easy to become complacent when performing your job duties, but this can be bad for your back. Always lift items properly, especially when they are heavy. Bend your knees, use your leg strength and keep the item close to your core. It is also a good idea to resist any demands to move faster while performing work tasks.

Request help: Employers want to prevent workplace injuries as much as employees do. If your work tasks are putting your back at risk, ask your supervisor to provide you with help. This might mean assigning someone to assist with physical labor or providing you with tools or gear to help prevent back injuries.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries may still affect your back despite your best efforts. If you suffer an injury, file your workers’ compensation claim quickly to avoid a delay in benefits. Should you experience difficulty with your claim, an attorney can help.