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Health hazards in Omaha’s cold meatpacking industry

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Working in cold environments has very few advantages. One possible upside is that it can cool you down during the hot summer months. Other than that, it is uncomfortable.

Did you know that working inside cold warehouses, freezers and coolers can cause health problems and workplace injuries in addition to discomfort? Most of the people who work in Omaha’s vast meatpacking industry fail to understand the hazards associated with cold locations. Therefore, they may not know that workers’ compensation can cover illness or injury caused by this type of employment.

How can chilled environments put your health and well-being at risk? First, when you regularly work in cold locations, you could be at risk for mishaps leading to workplace injuries. For example, if your hands become too cold, you could inadvertently relax your grip on dangerous equipment like saws and perhaps lose a finger or two.

Your overall health may also suffer from working in the cold. Common cold-related health conditions include the following.

  • Frostbite: Dangerous tissue destruction caused by freezing, which could result in blistering or even gangrene
  • Hypothermia: An abnormally low body temperature, which can be dangerous to workers
  • Chilblains: Capillary damage caused by overexposure to the cold, which can lead to inflammation of the extremities

All meatpacking workers should know the risks associated with this industry. Filing a workers’ compensation claim to treat any cold-related health issue can prevent a worsening of your condition. In turn, this will keep you healthy enough to continue providing for your family.

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