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Workers’ compensation for the survivors of fallen firefighters

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Firm News, workers' compensation |

To most of us who reside in Nebraska, firefighters are heroic figures worthy of our admiration. They place themselves in harm’s way every time they respond to a fire without much thought about their safety.

When firefighters die in the line of duty or because of an occupational illness, their families may not be able to continue with their previous way of life. This, added to the mental and emotional suffering survivors experience, results in hardships that most people never have to endure.

Firefighters deserve the security of knowing that their families will be cared for if they die. However, workers’ compensation is more complicated for public service workers than it is for those who work in the private sector.

For example, when a firefighter dies from a health condition such as cancer, evidence that the condition occurred because of the firefighter’s occupation must be provided. As you may imagine, this is the last thing grieving family members want to endure. However, it is often the only way a family can get death benefits from the workers’ compensation program.

As legal professionals, we understand the reasoning behind these regulations. However, we remain committed to acting as advocates for injured or deceased firefighters and their families. This means helping survivors navigate the workers’ compensation system so that they can acquire the death benefits they need to go on with life.

We encourage you to continue reading our website so that you may increase your knowledge about how the state’s workers’ comp system functions. We offer several informational pages dedicated to public safety employees such as firefighters and police officers.