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Construction accidents and mental trauma

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Firm News |

Sometimes, the mental challenges that construction accident victims face are overlooked. People often think about the physical consequences of an accident on the job, especially if a worker is seriously injured. Workers and their families may also focus on the mental hardships associated with construction accidents, whether they are having a hard time with unpaid bills due to missing work or they are not sure how they will pay medical costs. However, the mental toll a construction accident can take on a victim and their entire family can be very burdensome and lead to a host of hardships. 

Mental trauma can affect construction accident victims in different ways. Some may have a hard time returning to work because of post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety about another accident. Others might develop a sleep-related disorder such as insomnia, while some construction accident victims become very depressed (which can place a lot of strain on their whole family). 

Unlike some wounds, mental trauma may never heal. Some people have had to look for less lucrative work in another field because of the mental toll of an accident that occurred on a construction site and some may return to work but never be the same. Our law firm knows that some victims have a hard time confronting their mental trauma after an accident. 

If you are struggling with mental trauma after being hurt in a construction accident, or you are stressed out about the myriad of difficulties that have come into your life following a mishap on the job, you may need to explore your legal options.