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Are you aware of these restaurant kitchen hazards?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Rather than wait tables, you instead work in the back of the house of a Nebraska restaurant. You are a great cook, but are you as knowledgeable about common restaurant kitchen hazards as you are cooking techniques?

Chron breaks down several kitchen safety tips and dangers. Use them to better avoid a workplace injury and a resulting workers’ compensation claim.

Hazardous equipment and machinery 

You should have full training before using any new kitchen equipment that has the potential to injure you. Also, always use the necessary safety gloves, guards and the like to protect yourself. If you are ever in doubt about how to use something, reach out to the kitchen manager or equipment safety manual for proper instruction.

Hazardous floors

Pay close attention to where you step and the state of the floors while you navigate the kitchen. Wearing non-skid shoes helps prevent slips, but so does using non-slip mats and promptly cleaning up spills. Should you ever notice uneven flooring, be sure that your manager knows and takes immediate action to remedy the situation.

Hazardous lifting 

You may lift a number of containers, boxes and supplies while at work. Dollies, hand trucks and back belts help prevent back injuries, but lifting and setting objects down with the proper technique is also essential.

Hazardous chemicals

Sanitizers and various cleaning supplies can be hazardous. Be sure that you handle them carefully and that you know the location of the restaurant’s first aid kit and eye-washing station. On a related note, beware of burns from hot oil, open flames and hot kitchen surfaces.

Take out time to make sure that you perform your kitchen duties safely. A single slip-up can result in a serious injury.